Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a party? It is $35/person for a pallet inspired wood sign. Ten or more people and the hostess is free!

How many people can attend a private party? As long as the hostess or venue has the space-the hostess can invite as many as they would like.

How long do guests have to register for a Private Party? We keep registration open until 5-7 days before the party so that gives us enough time to get everyone's supplies ready. 

If I’m the hostess, what should I have at my party? It's not required but always encourage hostess to to have light food and refreshments. We do have some short drying time in between paint sessions and this is the perfect time to have some refreshments and mingle!

What is your cancellation policy? Because we pre-make each person's design ahead of time, we ask that there is a 48 hour notice for a full refund.

What materials are used? We use brand new wood, Sherwin Williams/Valspar, acrylic paint and adhesive stencils for the design. No skill is necessary and you will always leave with something wall-worthy!